Increasing Psychic Ability with Psychic Herbs

By Tana Hoy

Effective Psychic Herbs

Herbs have certain properties that make them perfect for various psychic activities and spiritual practices. Springing from the earth and nourished with sun and water, they are rich in natural energies which aid in rituals, meditation, and other exercises. Herbs serve quite a lot of purposes, the enhancement of your psychic ability being one of them.

As you advance in your psychic ability, the use of some psychic herbs will be very helpful to you. Some herbs may adequately work when used as tea for drinking; some are more beneficially used as herbal incense, in stick, cone, or oil forms.

The following are just some examples of psychic herbs which can aid in building up your psychic ability.

Psychic Abili-teas

Before consuming any of these herbal teas, consult with your doctor. Each person has a different medical background, so it's better to make sure that your system will have a good reaction to any specific herb.

When you have confirmed that you can drink any or all of the herbs in tea form, you may serve a warm pot of tea for yourself. Choose from any of the selections below. These are just a few of the herbs which may be taken in tea form to increase psychic ability.

Cinnamon - aids in improving your psychic ability by increasing your vibrational frequency

Mugwort - builds up your psychic ability by heightening your psychic perception

Lemongrass - increases your psychic ability or psychic powers

Peppermint - promotes psychic ability by increasing the sensitivity of your mind to your environment

Star Anise - helps clear your mind and makes you more open to psychic visions

Celery - enhances your psychic ability by aiding in deep concentration and focus

To maximize the effect of these psychic herbal teas, drink them leisurely in an undisturbed and quiet location. Let your mind focus on the psychic herb's effect as you pour a cup for yourself.

On your first sip, close your eyes and focus on the warmth spreading through your body. Think of this as the herb's energies empowering you. Slowly open your eyes after a while. As you continue to drink and enjoy your tea, think only of its effects flowing through you.

Using Psychic Herbal Incense

Psychic herbs in the form of fragrant incense sticks or essential oils can also be used. Incense sticks are lit on safe holders and essential oils are used on a safe oil burner dish.

The following is a list of some herbs which can help in the development of your psychic ability:

Mugwort - dried mugwort helps in taking you to altered states of consciousness

Cinnamon - cultivates your psychic ability by escalating your sensitivity to the higher beings and spirits around you

Citronella - boosts your psychic ability

Honeysuckle - amplifies your psychic alertness

Rose - heightens your psychic ability

An incense stick or essential oil may be lit or burned before or during a psychic activity of practice. Psychic herbs in incense or oil form may also be enjoyed when you simply want to add some fragrance to a room you are in. This way, the herbs' energies get infused with yours, and you get the same effect. They work well in this manner too when you meditate.

Again, it is best to consult with your doctor before ingesting any of the herbs above to ensure that your body and mind will respond to them positively. Also, these are just some examples of psychic herbs - there are lots of different herbs, plants, and flowers out there which may also enhance your psychic ability. These are just examples of what you can start with. You may expand your selection as you go along. - 30438

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